Videos - Residential & Commercial

Platform Lift Animation Video

Learn how a platform lift is constructed

This 3D lift animation video displays in detail how a platform lift is constructed and the key advantages to implementing a platform lift. Watch the video now and enquire now for more details!

A6000 Cabin Lift Testimonial

Watch now to learn about our lifts

Learn more about how Cibes Lifts UK can actively improve the every day controlling of your business by watching this video. Our Passenger Lift A6000 is equipped with sliding doors and designed for existing shafts, therefore making it this perfect in a restaurent environment. As seen in the video, this is a lift that provides easy access to all floors of your building, but without the expensive investment, high maintenance costs and loss of space associated with traditional lifts. 

A6000 Cabin Lift - Cibes Lifts UK

The perfect and our most popular lift solution

The A6000 Cabin Lift, manufactured and installed by Cibes Lifts UK, is an elegant and spacious cabin lift designed to be fitted into existing shafts in all type of buildings. Watch our video to find out more about the A6000 Cabin Lift and how it could be the lift solution for you!

SwingOn Stair Lift - Cibes Lifts UK

Fully automatic stair lift

Cibes Lifts UK's SwingOn Stair Lift is a unique accessibility solution for building entrances. This is the lift for you if you have a small area that requires lift aid. When the lift is not in use, it automatically folds up and parks against the wall, so that it never blocks street circulation. Watch our video to find out more.

Tour Our Headquarters

Watch our video to find out more about our HQ and the undertakings that occur there on a daily basis. Explore the roots of Cibes now!

How do you Build a Lift?

Learn about how a Cibes lift is built! 

All lifts installed by Cibes Lifts UK are manufactured in Sweden withiin our industrial area of Gävle in the north of Sweden. We are the global UK lift company to trust for your lift requirements.