WITH almost 70 years in the Platform Lift industry, the sector’s global leader CIBES Lift Group recently increased its UK market share acquiring the well established Platform Lift Solutions. Ian Duncan, Area Sales Manager at Cibes Lift UK, spends a great deal of his time working with clients in the retail sector, and here explains how Cibes can help retailers looking to have easy access lifts installed in their stores.

“WE have several high-profile clients in the retail sector who regularly come to us for our services, as well as independent franchises or retailers wanting to ensure their premises are fully accessible to customers and are in compliance with the Equality Act 2010. Recent clients over the years have included B&Q, O2, Transport for London, Network Rail, Homebase, Ikea, Maplin, Optical Express, Monsoon, Ladbrokes, Debenhams and Jack Wills, to name just a few."

“Installing a lift doesn’t need to be difficult, but you would be surprised at some of the obstacles retailers can come across. That’s why its key to use a company with specialised experience in the industry.

“The main issue is where to put the lift. If you think of a mezzanine-style interior, many retailers only consider the ground floor access to the lift. They don’t consider where the lift is going to go to on the next floor. It sounds obvious but retailers need to consider both access points when going from a ground floor to first floor. A corner site is ideal, so not to intrude on the floor space as this obviously has to be maximised by the retailer. The lift does not need to be the focal point of the store. Keep it discreet. Can it be incorporated into an existing staircase in the centre of the store?"

“The lift should always be next to a staircase if possible for a fully comprehensive solution. This is to enable disabled shoppers with an able-bodied companion to gain access together. If the wheelchair user gets in a lift, then ideally the able-bodied shopper should be able to use the adjacent staircase and meet them at the top/bottom. Cibes will always advise against separating the two.

“The final say on the location of the lift will always be left to the Store Designer, with Cibes advice on hand. Work to install the lift can take place out of hours if necessary, and on average takes two days with a team of two engineers. Cibes is always conscious of its environment and keeps disruption to a minimum.

“The lift is delivered to the site as a ‘flat pack’ and installed from there. The whole process, from initial enquiry to agreement and then installation, can be done within five weeks.Cibes can work with shop-fitters, or take over as project leaders depending on the developments’ needs. If sub-contractors need to be brought in for things like building work, Cibes will provide them. Once the lifts are installed, within the first year the client will get two service visits. This allows Cibes to efficiently monitor performance post-installation, analysing the lift usage. If these figures are high, then the lift will require more servicing. Cibes attitude is that prevention is better than cure. If small issues can be rectified in a timely manner this will prevent large scale problems occurring, which would be ultimately a lot more expensive."

“Our latest hi-tech models are installed with software that our engineers can dial in remotely, meaning less disruption and a faster resolution. This is a unique feature of the Cibes lift and yet again proves us as a market leader.

“Many people have uncertainties around having a lift installed. They think they are too expensive, and too costly to maintain and service, and this simply isn’t the case. There are so many different options available to retailers which would be of huge benefit; the Cibes slogan is ‘accessibility for everyone, everywhere’ and with that in mind, we have a solution to fit any retailer.”

If you want to know more about Cibes Lift UK visit http://www.cibes.co.uk or call 0800 085 0269.