Open style B3000 Platform Lift by Cibes Lift UK

Cibes B3000 is an open style platform lift for a low to medium rises, that does not require a lift shaft. This open style platform lift can lift up to 3 metres and is ideal indoor and outdoor conditions. Robust and adaptable, the Cibes B3000 Open Platform Lift is just as suitable for public or commercial buildings as for private residences. The Cibes B3000 platform lift is available in a wide choice of RAL colours or in elegant stainless steel with re-enforced safety glass used extensively in all major buildings where an exclusive look in stainless steel is required. This means that the Cibes B3000 can be adapted to blend in with any architectural style.

A Robust Platform Lift for a Good Price

Like all our platform lift solutions, the Cibes B3000 is a smart, ready-made product, which can be installed without major construction work. In most cases, the Cibes B3000 Open Platform Lift can be installed in just one day. As an added bonus, the Cibes B3000 Open Platform Lift is very low maintenance. The price of your platform lift will depend on your choice of options and finishes, but. if you decide to buy a Cibes B3000 you will get a great platform lift for a good price!

Open Platform Lifts in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Scotland

The Open Platform Lift Cibes B3000 is available across all of the UK, including London, Manchester, Birmingham and Scotland. Contact Cibes Lift UK today to receieve a free quote!

B3000 Open Platform Lift - Cibes Lifts UK

B3000 Open Platform Lift by Cibes UK

Perfect for external conditions

The B3000 Open Platform Lift is the perfect stand-alone external lift solution provided by Cibes UK throughout the UK and in London, Birmingham, Manchester & Scotland.

With the standard MD2006/42/EC used and flexible platform spaces including 900mm x 1400mm, 1100mm x 1400mm and 1500mm x 1600mm, this really is the lift for hard wearing conditions. An incredible 1 day installation ensures that the B3000 Open Platform solution really does provide the full package.

B3000 Open Platform Lift Specification

Cibes UK - The lift products for you

  • 2 or 5 year manufacturer's warranty 
  • Public/Commercial & Domestic use
  • One touch buttons
  • External only
  • 385KG single phase
  • 3 metres maximum travel
  • MD2006/42/EC standard
  • Platform sizes = 900mm x 1400mm, 1100mm x 1400mm, 1500mm x 1600mm
  • Installtion = 1 days 
  • 60mm pit or ramp
  • Footprint sizes = 1320mm x 1520mm, 1500mm x 1520mm, 1500mm x 1720mm
  • 3 platform sizes available
  • 2 stops
  • 900mm x 1100mm Gate Standard. Top door option 900mm x 2000mm (Swing style)
  • 6 door types ranging from bespoke aluminium to full glazed 1 hour rated fire doors
  • 3 sides door configurations
B3000 Open Platform Lift Specification

Personalise Your B3000 Outdoor Platform Lift

Personalise your B3000 Outdoor Platform Lift with a 60mm pit or ramp, or choose from 3 different available platform sizes. The lift can have up to 2 stops with 3 footprint sizes available; 1320mm x 1520mm, 1500mm x 1520mm, 1500mm x 1720mm.

Call our UK team today if you are in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Scotland or anywhere else in the UK! We will review your requirements and get back to you ASAP with our recommendations.

Personalise - Personalise your A5000 Outdoor Lift with Cibes Lifts UK

Finishes - Personalise your A5000 Outdoor Lift with Cibes Lifts UK


Stainless steel and toughened safety glass option on our B3000 Outdoor Platform Lift. Contact our UK team today to learn more about our finishes for our most popular external lift.

Colour - Personalise your A5000 Outdoor Lift with Cibes Lifts UK

Standard finish

  • Metallic grey (RAL 9006), for a modern abd eye-catching look
  • Gates 800/1100 x 1100 mm (w x h)
  • Gate and platform walls in clear plexi glass (indoor)
  • Gate and platform walls in frosted polycarbonate (outdoor)

Door Models

Doors to suite your needs...

  • 900mm x 1100mm Gate Standard. Top door option 900mm x 2000mm (Swing style)
  • Choose from 6 door types
  • Door types range from bespoke aluminium to hard wearing fire resistant 1 hour rated doors
  • 2 sides door configuration
Certifications - B3000 Outdoor Platform Lift

Certifications & Standards 

We can vouch for the safety and quality of our lifts. Our B3000 Outdoor Platform Lift uses holds the MD2006/42/EC standard.

All Cibes lift models carry the CE mark and are subjected to extensive testing and quality control before leaving our factory. Our lifts comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and applicable European Standards.

Lifts are delivered with the following documentation:

  • Type certificate
  • Declaration of Conformity (issued upon installation check)

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