Lift Drawings - PDF & AutoCAD Lifts

Browse our lift drawings, including PDF and AutoCAD formats for maximum synergy between Cibes Lifts UK and our clients. We always ensure that our clients are completely satifisfied with our service as well as our lift capabilities; so check out our lift drawings now!

Cibes Lifts UK Drawings

We use something called Building Information Modeling (BIM) when generating our drawings. BIM enables you to generate drawings in 2D and in 3D, documentation, reports and animations from the same source. BIM objects are dynamic and contain all the necessary data for your project. As as a result, BIM is well on its way to becoming the number one project tool for architects and builders across the world. Cibes Lifts UK is the only low-speed lift manufacturer to offer BIM models of our lifts. Download our BIM models for your project today!

To Cibes Lifts BIM objects

Passenger Lift - Cibes A5000 Platform lift