Goods Lift A8000 by Cibes Lift UK

The Cibes A8000 Goods Lift is our largest and most powerful platform lift. The Cibes A8000 Goods Lift can transport 1000 kg of merchandise and is large enough to take pallets and hand pallet trucks. In addition, the Cibes A8000 Goods Lift is certified for transporting both goods and passengers, which means that staff can travel with the cargo. But there is more. The Cibes A8000 Goods Lift complies with DDA requirements. This makes the Goods Lift Cibes A8000 an excellent solution not only for ware houses and industrial buildings, but for offices and all kinds of commercial buildings.

The Affordable Goods Lift Solution

Unlike conventional lifts, the installation of the A8000 Goods Lift requires no major structural adaptation of the building. A ready-made shaft is delivered with the lift, the machine room is integrated, the headroom is reduced and the pit is only 130 mm deep. This means that your Cibes A8000 Goods Lift can be installed in as little as 4-5 days. In addition, the Cibes A8000 Goods Lift has very low operating and maintenance costs. All this combined, makes the Cibes A8000 Goods Lift one of the most powerful and affordable platform lift solutions available on the UK market.

Cibes A8000 Goods Lift

The large and powerful platform lift with a capacity of 1000 kg 

  • The perfect lift for ware houses, furniture stores, libraries, restaurants and funeral homes
  • Certified for transport of goods and passengers
  • Generous platform: 1405 x 2480, 1105 x 2180 or 1405 x 1980 mm
  • Rated load: 1000kg

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Key features for Cibes Lift products

Lift products that distinguishes themselves

  • 2 or 5 year manufacturer warranty

  • Public/Commercial

  • One touch buttons

  • Internal only

  • 1000KG Three phase

  • 13 metres maximum travel



  • MD2006/42/EC standard

  • Standard platform sizes = 1405mm x 1975mm, 1405mm x 2475mm, 1105 x 2175mm

  • Installation = 5 days (2 stop)

  • 130mm pit or ramp

  • 1855mm x 2120mm, 1855mm x 2620mm, 1555mm x 2320mm footprint

  • 3 platform size available

  • 6 stops

  • 1300mm x 2000mm Swing Style

  • 2 door types ranging from bespoke aluminium to full glazed 1 hour rated fire doors

  • 3 sides door configurations

  • Possibility to choose a specific RAL finish or glazing of the shaft

Lift comparison A8000 technical specifations Drawings


A8000 Goods Lift Specification

Options for door configuration

Cibes Lifts Door Configuration on A8000 Goods Lifts

Personalize your lift

Cibes Lift provides you with all the ingredients to make your perfect lift according to your own personal recipe. Make your lift blend in seamlessly with the surrounding architecture, really stand out by picking out a vibrant colour or mix and match colours and materials to make a truly original statement. Add the accessories and options you need to make it your own. Done!

Personalize your A8000 Goods Lift with Cibes UK

Finishes for A8000 Goods Lift at Cibes UK

Finishes and options

Choose your flooring and finishes. 

  • Carpet in several colours
  • Aluminium chequer plate flooring
  • Shaft, doors and platform in any RAL finish
  • Shaft and door glazing in different colours 


Colours for A8000 Goods Lift at Cibes UK

Standard colours

White RAL 9016, a colour that harmonizes with most environments

  • Steel doors in RAL 9016, clear opening 1000 / 1300 x 2000 mm (w x h)
  • Toughtened and laminated safety glass
  • Steel shaft panels in RAL 9016
  • Elegant, moulded aluminum door handle



Door models

Elegant and beautiful design

  • Choice between different steel door models and fire rated doors
  • Concealed door closer as standard, externally fitted automatic door openers as an option
  • Adaptable to your preferences, great choice of finishes and dimensions

Download door overview

Door Models for A8000 Goods Lift at Cibes UK

Additional accessories

Here you will find some of our countless options:

  • Fire drive
  • School lock
  • Automatic door openers
  • Automatic shaft light
  • Raised edges on platform


  • Kick-plates for doors
  • Voice announcement
  • Arrival signal
  • Remote call buttons
  • Integrated, hands-free auto-dialer
EC-Type-Examination Certificate

Certifications & Norms

We can vouch for the safety and quality of our lifts

All Cibes lift models carry the CE mark and go through extensive testing and quality checks before leaving our factory. Cibes A8000 Goods lift complies with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

All lifts manufactured by Cibes are delivered with the following certificates:

  • Type certificate
  • Declaration of Conformity (issued upon installation check)