A9000 Cabin Lift 630 kg by Cibes Lift UK

The A9000 Cabin Lift has a lifting capacity of 630 kg and takes luxury and comfort to the next level. The A9000 Cabin Lift is equipped with one-touch automatic controls and operation is virtually soundless. The A9000 Cabin Lift is delivered with a ready-made shaft in steel or glass, a fully enclosed cabin with exquisite LED lit ceiling and sliding doors. If you are looking for a sumptuous and elegant cabin lift but do not want to pay for the extensive construction work necessary to install a conventional lift, Cibes A9000 Cabin Lift could definitely be the lift for you.

Get Your 630 kg Cabin Lift in Glass

If you want to add a truly luxurious touch to your cabin lift, you can get the lift shaft, cabin and sliding doors of the Cibes A9000 Cabin lift in glass. A fully glazed cabin lift not only looks beautiful from the outside, it also provides you with spectacular panoramic views from the inside. Not to mention the fact that your cabin lift will never block the light. If you indulge yourself with an A9000 Cabin Lift, you should definitely consider glazing one or several walls of the cabin and shaft.

Cibes A9000 Lift - Cibes Lifts UK

A9000 Cabin Deluxe

Our luxurious cabin lift with ready-made shaft

  • Fully enclosed cabin with elegant sliding doors in steel or glass
  • Auto-run controls
  • Silent and smooth operation
  • Delivered with a ready-made shaft in steel or glass
  • Lifting capacity: 630 kg

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Key features for Cibes lift products

Lift products that distinguishes themselves

  • 2 or 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • Public/Commercial & Domestic use
  • One touch buttons
  • Internal only
  • 630KG Three phase
  • 4 glazed shafts
  • 13 metres maximum travel
  • EN81-70 applicable MD2006/42/EC standard
  • Standard platform sizes = 1100mm x 1400mm
  • Installation = 5 days (2 stop)
  • 100mm pit or ramp
  • 1775mm x 1810mm footprint
  • 1 platform size available
  • 6 stops
  • 900mm x 2000mm Automatic Swing Style Opening
  • 3 door types ranging from bespoke aluminium to full glazed 1 hour rated fire doors
  • 2 sides door configurations
  • Remote monitoring of lift function via our unique CAN-see software

SUMalarm, automatic door locks and all essential safety features delivered as standard.

Lift comparasion See A9000 technical specifications Our drawings

A9000 Cibes Lift Specification

Options for door configuration

Cibes Lifts Door Configuration on A9000 Cabin Lifts

Personalize your lift

Cibes Lift provides you with all the ingredients to make your perfect lift according to your own personal recipe. Make your lift blend in seamlessly with the surrounding architecture, really stand out by picking out a vibrant colour or mix and match colours and materials to make a truly original statement. Add the accessories and options you need to make it your own. Done!

Personalize your A9000 Cabin Lift with Cibes UK

Finishes for A9000 Cabin Lifts at Cibes UK

Finishes and options

Choose your flooring and finishes.

  • Carpet in stone finish
  • Carpet in wood finish
  • Cabin and doors in any RAL colour
  • Glazed shaft, cabin and doors

Colours for A9000 Cabin Lifts at Cibes UK

Standard finish

  • White RAL 9016, dark grey RAL 7024 and light grey RAL 7004
  • Landing sliding doors in RAL 7024 (frame) & RAL 7004 (panels) clear opening 900 x 1000 mm (w x h)
  • Cabin sliding doors in RAL 7004, clear opening 900 x 2100 mm (w x h)
  • Elegant frosted white ceiling with LED spotlights
  • Cabin floor in dark  grey anti-slip rubber



Door models

Modern and effortless design for your comfort

  • Automatic sliding doors on landings and in cabin as standard
  • Sliding doors in steel as standard, glazed or fire rated as an option
  • Door open holder available as an option

Download door overview

Door Models for A9000 Cabin Lifts at Cibes UK

Additional accessories 

Please find examples of our most popular options below:

  • Fire drive
  • Locking systems with key or code lock
  • Voice announcement
  • Arrival signal
  • Level indicators 
  • Remote call buttons

 Accessories for A9000 Cabin Lifts at Cibes UK


EC-Type-Examination Certificate

Certifications & Standards 

We can vouch for the safety and quality of our lifts 

All Cibes lift models carry the CE mark and are subjected to extensive testing and quality control before leaving our factory. Our lifts comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and applicable European Standards.

Lifts are delivered with the following documentation:

  • Type certificate
  • Declaration of Conformity (issued upon installation check)